Counterbalance Valves – Standard

Standard CB Counterbalance valves are also known as load holding valves, over-centre valves or overrun valve. These versatile valves have various uses:

  • Suitable for diverse applications such as lifting applications, hydraulic cylinder, winches, extensible movable bridge, etc
  • Lowers velocity control and stationary load holding
  • Provides protection against hydraulic line failure and pressure shocks when placed next to actuator
  • A CA counterbalance valve is normally used in regeneration circuits and servo/proportional valve circuits.

Specifications of CB counterbalance valve:

  • Rated flow of up to 480 LPM
  • Pressure range of 70 Bar – 350 Bar
  • Maximum leakage at reseat (85% of setting) is 5 drops per minute

Special feature of CB counterbalance valve:

  • Stainless Steel counterbalance (CB) valves (External component) are also available.

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