Reducing valves

Uses of Pressure Reducing valves (PB):

  • Reduce a high primary pressure at port 2 (inlet) to a controlled lower pressure at port 1 (reduced pressure). The reduced pressure is determined by the spring adjustment plus any pressure in port 3 (adjustment spring chamber drain).
  • Provide a controlled lower pressure to a secondary circuit function (reducing and/or reducing/relieving valves)
  • Provide accurate reduced pressure control for clamp and hold down circuits (typically reducing valves)
  • Provide with a controlled required pressure a constant counterbalancing force for bi-directional machine elements (reducing/relieving valves).
  • Full reverse flow from port 1 to port 2 may cause the main spool to close. If reverse free flow is required in the circuit, consider adding a separate check valve to the circuit.

Specifications of Pressure Reducing valves (PB):

  • Rated flow of up to 320LPM
  • Pressure range of 3.5 Bar – 315 Bar
  • Maximum inlet pressure at Port 2 is 350 Bar

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