Flow Control Pressure Compensated Valve

Uses of 2-port and 3-port Flow pressure compensated valve (FR):

  • Regulates flow for meter-in and meter-out applications with wide pressure variations.
  • Offer accurate control in “bleed-off” circuits where the load pressure and inlet flow are relatively constant.

Specifications of Flow pressure compensated valve (FR):

  • Rated flow up to 200 LPM
  • Max pressure 350 Bar

Special features of 3-port Flow pressure compensated valve (FR):

  • A fixed orifice setting to determine pressure-compensated priority flow at port 3
  • Excess flow at the bypass port (port 2) is available for secondary circuit use.
  • Both priority and bypass flow are usable to the system operating pressure.
  • Priority flow will remain relatively constant with widely carrying input flows.

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