Reducing/Relieving Valve – Direct Acting

Direct-acting, pressure reducing/relieving valves (PD). Uses Direct-acting, pressure reducing/relieving valves (PD) are as follows:

  • Reduce a high primary pressure at port 2 to a constant reduced pressure at port 1
  • Full-flow relief function from port 1 to port 3 (tank)

Specifications of PD valves:

  • Pressure at port 3 is directly additive to the valve setting at a 1:1 ratio and should not exceed 350 bar.

Special Features of PD valves:

  • Allows for the stable use of high reduced pressure due to incorporation of a damped construction
  • Full reverse flow from port 1 to port 2 may cause the main spool to close. If reverse free flow is required in the circuit, consider adding a separate check valve to the circuit.
  • Direct operated version offers superior dynamic response compared to equivalent pilot operated models.

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