Electronic Amplifier Card

Uses of PCB-2600C Electronic Amplifier Card:

  • Used for the current regulated control of proportional valves
  • Can be used in both mobile and stationary applications

Specifications of PCB-2600C Electronic Amplifier Card:

  • Supply voltage range is 10V to 35V DC
  • Devices can be controlled with external potentiometers, output is a PWM-DC.
  • Dither frequency can be set with a jumper to 85, 140 or 300 Hz.
  • Multi-course potentiometers available for adjustment of Imin-Imax- and ramp time.
  • Maximum current of 2.6A, making it suitable for 24V and 12V solenoids.
  • Amplifier compensates for the temperature dependent change of resistance and supply voltage.
  • Output is protected with a standard glass fuse.

For the PCB-2600C Electronic Amplifier Card, there are 4 types of connections:

  1. External Voltage Control
  2. Potentiometer Control
  3. External Current Control
  4. Two Point Control

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