Logics Valves – Normally Closed


LC valves are unbalanced poppet, logic valves with 2-way switching elements that are spring-biased closed. How LC valves work:

  • Pressure at either port 1 or 2 will further bias the valve to the closed position while pressure at port 3 will tend to open it
  • For the valve to open, force generated at port 3 must be greater than the sum of the forces acting at port 1 and 2 in addition to the spring force.
  • Operation is pressure dependent as valves are unbalanced.

Specifications of Logic Valves (LC) valves:

  • Rated flow of up to 480 Bar
  • Maximum pressure of 350 Bar

Special features of Logic Valves (LC) valves:

  • Harbour positive seals between port 2 and the pilot area.