Needle Valves

Uses of Flow Control Valves (NV):

  • Regulate flow control
  • When placed ahead of a control device or actuator, needle valves act as a meter-in device
  • When placed on the downstream side of a control device, they act to meter-out flow from the actuator

Specifications of NV:

  • Rated flow of up to 520 LPM
  • Maximum pressure of up to 350 Bar

Special features of NV:

  • Adjustable needle allows for accurate flow control. Coupling this with an integral check valve will enable unrestricted flow from port 2 to port 1.
  • A balanced adjusting mechanism for low operating effort at high pressure.
  • Sharp-edged orifice design to minimise flow variation with viscosity changes.
  • Optional needle orifice ranges.
  • Positive shut-off of flow when closed.
  • Five turns of adjustment.

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