MW Counterbalance valve with 4 port – Load Control

MW counterbalance valve (4 ports) uses include:

  • Lowering velocity control and stationary load holding
  • Providing protection against hydraulic line failure and pressure shocks when placed next to actuator
  • Suitability for diverse applications such as lifting applications, hydraulic cylinder, winches, extensible movable bridge, etc
  • Also used in regeneration and servo/proportional valve circuits

Specifications for MW:

  • Rated flow of up to 480 LPM
  • Pressure range of 70 Bar- 350 Bar
  • Leakage of up to 5 drops per min at Reseat
  • Reseat at 85% of setting

Special features of MW valves:

  • Stable at wide range of flow , especially at low flow
  • Port 1 seats as a poppet valve and modulates as a spool valve, allowing these valves to modulate over a broader range of flows than the standard counterbalance (CB) designs. The longer stroke allows a uni-directional damping device to smoothen the opening and let the valve close quickly.
  • Backpressure at port 2 does not affect the valve setting because the spring chamber references the vent (port 4)
  • Full relief capacity

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