Pilot to Open Check Valve

Uses of pilot-to-open Check Valves (CO):

  • allows free flow from one port to another and prevent backflow
  • Special note on Pilot-to-Open check vales: CO valves block reverse flow until a pilot pressure directly proportional to the load pressure is sensed at port 3 (Pilot). A pilot piston then pushes the check poppet off its seat, making them well suited for many clamp holding applications.


Specifications of Pilot-to-Open Check Valves (CO):

  • Rated flow of up to 480 LPM
  • Maximum pressure of 350 Bar
  • Maximum leakage of 1 drop per min
  • Cracking pressure of 0.3 Bar, but other cracking pressures can be offered upon request
  • CO pilot ratio is 3:1, making it suitable for most applications


Special features of Pilot-to-Open Check Valves (CO):

  • Extremely low leakage on closing relative to other Check valves

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